Automatic Day Dream

Alright so, I'm 20 and live in Canberra, Australia.

I also sometimes take photos & design stuff.


Message from Anonymous

tell us more about this girl you like. how did you meet? :)

Well we met a few years ago and seem to only this year have been seeing more of each other, but she’s super cool, inspiring and one of those people who you think are going to do some really cool things (and already has, to be fair)

Unfortunately I’m super busy and hardly have time for any social life, which is a bit of a bummer, but we’ll see what happens…

Message from mistyseasandmysteries

yeah says you the original ass kicker :P i hope you're doing okay with all the crazy awesome things you're doing :)

Aw shucks :3

Well I’m horrendously busy and I shudder to think how I’ll go on my next bits of assessment, but what’s sleep good for anyways! :P Plus I’m working on some cool things which I’m passionate about, so It’s all worth it!